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A digital clockface that displays hours, minutes, and seconds in the format hhmmss from top left to bottom right. Each digit is made from 5 rows of lines, which stretch to fill the display. A blank row appear in rows 1, 3 and 5 when the digit does not have a horizontal line (i.e. for 0, 1, 4 & 7).

Screenshot animation runs from 09:36:25 to 09:36:35 - the last digit of the seconds demonstrates all the digits.

Information appears on a second display, accessed by a tap on the screen: date (with configurable format), steps, distance, heart rate and battery level. Tap again to return to the time.

Foreground and background colors are configurable.

This design was created by Heather Sable Villano, from USA, and originally appeared on the Tokyoflash Design Studio. It is published with her permission.

The original design can be found here:

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