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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

** I don't give support for third party api.**

24H version here:

To obtain a free API key:

Analog clock, weather forecast oriented, with some complications:

- Datum (on tap it force a forcasts update):

... Day of week

... Date number

- Connection status (on tap it shows the log viewer)

- 3 level alerts around clock

... outer ring shows ice alerts with cyan color

... middle ring show the secondary alerts

... inner ring show the primary alerts

- focus button (bottom left button) switch primary and secondary alerts:

... precipitation: set precipitation as primary alert

... wind: set wind as primary alert

... The precipitation alerts as primary focus show by color (black to red) the probability and by the size the quantity

- sunrise and sunset times

- current weather and temp (on tap it shows the next 12h forecasts)

- current wind speed and direction (on tap it shows the next 12h forecasts)

- fit data widget, on tap switch between:

... hearthbeat surrounded by active zone minutes goal percentage

... steps count surrounded by steps goal percentage

... floors count surrounded by floors goal percentage

... calories burned surrounded by calories goal percentage

Other features

- Nowcast and forecast:

... First 6 hours alerts show 12 minutes interval precipitation/wind/ice alerts

... Next 6 hours alerts shows hourly precipitation/wind/gusts/ice alert on clock

- Connection lost alert with snooze function

- Follow mode to obtain weather forecast of the current position

- Adjustable wind allerts: you can define min and max speed

- Full color customization

- 3 different dial graphics

- Automatic background color based on next hour alerts

- Estimated battery dead time (red lighting)

Source code:

If you like it:

Forecast api powered by:


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