Stats & Weather
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A watch face made for users by a user!

- Animated heart icon which flashes based on the heart rate zone.

--Tap on the HR section to view resting Heart Rate

- Color coded heart rate based on heart rate zones

- Color coded battery percentage

- Stats in the upper-left corner which turn green when daily goal is met


*** This clockface uses to get weather data. Sign up (for a free account) and put your API key in the settings page!***

- Weather information and city at the bottom of the screen

-- Low: Blue, Current: White, High: Red

-- Wind speed

- An ERR! will appear in the lower corner of the screen if an error occurs (yellow- unable to get information for your location; red- unable to sync to your device)

-- If the ERR! is red, click on that area (bottom right of screen) to reload your clock face. This can fix issues when your tracker and phone (companion) become out of sync

- Refresh weather data anytime by tapping the weather info area

- Tap the center of the screen (in the circle) to view the current forecast for your area (i.e. Sunny, Raining, ...), Gust speed, and "Feels like" temperature


-You can customize the circle color by entering in a color name (Hex codes work too! i.e. #008000). Default color is Red. If color cannot be found, defaults to Red

-Change temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit

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