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the Fitbit mobile app
This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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• 03 photos that you can change as much as you want.

• 03 icons for the 03 previous photos (see instructions for more information).

• 12 types of statistics (battery level, weather conditions, heart rate with the minimum and the maximum, distance, active minutes, steps, steps per hour, calories, calories per hour, floors).

• Auto update of the weather every 30 minutes and manual update if necessary.

• Auto detection of units preferences (mi/km and F˚/C˚) and clock display (12/24).

• Default or saved position of bubbles (see instructions for more information).

• Weather and bubbles vibration, these two options are enabled by default.

• Decoration icons, this option is disabled by default, these icons have no function (only for decoration).

• And of course date and time.


• You can change the photos by going to the (My Facewatchs) section in the Fitbit app, then select the settings from BubbleWatch facewatch.

• For the three icons, you can select the same previous photos or use others.

• You can show or hide the icons of photos from sittings in the Fitbit app.

• You can click the weather icon in your smartwatch to update the weather conditions manually (please do not use this option too often to not saturate the server).

• You can activate the automatic detection of new location from the settings in the Fitbit app, this function can increase the consumption of the battery since it uses GPS frequently.

• This Facewatch can display messages like (No GPS signal) or (Saved position activated), you can wait for these messages to disappear on their own or skip them by clicking on them.

• You don't need to activate the GPS in your mobile, the weather option uses the GPS of your smartwatch.

• In settings, the default position means that the bubbles stay as you left them and do not change position after the screen is turned off.

• The saved position means that the bubbles will take the position you saved earlier after the screen turns off, activate this option after arranging the bubbles in your desired position.

• By enabling the Default position or disabling the Saved position, you will not delete the previous saved position, you simply deactivate it.

• By enabling the Saved position option, you delete the previous saved position and save a new one.

• The heart rate image animation does not reflect your actual heart rate.

"BubbleWatch" costs $ 1.45 (lifetime purchase) after the one hour trial period has ended.

Payment by K-Pay (PayPal or debit / credit cards) go to https://kzl.io/code and add the code you see on your smartwatch. If already purchased, go here https://kzl.io/unlock

For any questions, please contact us.

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This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.


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