Pomodoro Timer
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

This is a timer app that allows you to efficiently and intensively carry out tasks such as studying for exams.

Repeat “25 minutes work → 5 minutes break” the number of times set, after 20 minutes break, repeat from the beginning.

Vibrate several times at the end of the work and at the end of the break.

The detailed operation method is as follows.

・ Set the number of repetitions with the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

・ Press the start button on the screen to start the timer.

・ Press the pause button on the screen or the back button of the physical button to pause the timer.

・ To exit the application, swipe the screen and press the close icon.




This app is free, but if you can make a donation to me, I can keep developing it.

Please donate in the cryptocurrency XRP.


Nobi (@NOVY_NN)

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