Run Fight or Die
Hunter Watch Co.
3 devices
Available to install from
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Thanks to Grey Fox Games for collaborating on this project with us!

Back from the dead and better than ever! Run Fight or Die: Reloaded is a revamped and refreshed edition of the Richard Launius game Run Fight or Die.

In the game, you play a hero trying to survive wave after wave of zombies coming straight for you! You play as a unique character with your own character traits including a minor, major and super combo. You'll need them to fight off the zombies move closer to you every round. You run from location to location, searching for weapons and survivors in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

Played at two players, this game was the most stressful and theme-fitted game we've ever played. We honestly really enjoyed it; 9 / 10.

You can find it here:


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