Tick Tock Clock
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Free fully functional and fun swinging pendulum clock, much like a grand father clock, with simulated tik tok, as the watch cannot play sounds, .

Mesmerizing, and a good way to relax to see what happens. Will fascinate you.

Other features

Simple full sized and easy to read analog watch face with large Classic or Roman numerals and second hand, uses dark mode for better Battery efficiency. Includes Heart rate, Steps and Battery level, full date.

Automatic Night mode during 20:00 - 07:00. Option during night, to enable / disable mode, use multiple taps on clock face,

Main instructions: Tap on:

- Clock background to get further information. It will return to the main clock automatically, or tap clock face again to return immediately

- 6 o'clock position to switch between Classic numbers clock or Roman numerals

- 12 o'clock position to show / hide, embedded digital time, or Date, tap the field to move it between top and bottom for better visibility.

- 9 o'clock position to change digit / hand colors, - once to see chosen color name, - again to change, or back button or lower wrist to stop color change process

- Hour hand to see temporary digital clock, tap digital clock to return, or let it return automatically

A similar free all in one Analog & Digital clock face version without pendulum, called SimpleClockPro, exists, which has reminders to Drink and Move and Battery monitoring and lots more features and Addons, Timer, Calendar and Calculator Apps

See: http://guytec.com/Fitbit/ or all my clocks/apps https://tinyurl.com/y2xa8gzq

New June MMXX II, V4.3.31 (Ionic & Versa) V5.3.31 (Sense & Versa 3)

(Swiss Made, in the land of clocks)

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