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the Fitbit mobile app

Having trouble remembering when you took your last dose of your medicine? Pill Tracker can help! This very simple app does one thing, but does it well: remember when you took your last pill.

Simply tap “Take a Pill!” and the app records the time. As you go about your day, open Pill Tracker to remind yourself when your last dose was taken. Tap “Take a Pill!” again to record your when your next dose is taken.

The app tracks 3-6 pills at once; number of pills to track and pill names are editable in the settings page (keep settings and app open simultaneously to edit name).

Feel free to reach out to the Pill Tracker team at pilltrackerapp@gmail.com or visit www.pilltracker.wordpress.com if you have any questions, requests, or stories of how you use Pill Tracker app!

Price: $2.00 after 24 hour free trial.

Please note this app only remembers your most recent dose. This tool is meant as an aid for those with this specific need—please do not use this app in place of common sense.

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