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Because the Exercise API has never been fully supported by Fitbit and e.g. the issue with the name was never fixed, I will not continue to develop the app further and phase it out. Since I have switched to another product myself, and this has always been a private project, I will not invest any more time in development.

Use your Fitbit to track your Stand Up Paddling sessions on the water.

Displays important statistics such as:

- heart rate

- current speed

- average speed

- max speed

- distance paddled

- total strokes*

- total session duration

**Please Note:**

The exercise name is shown as cycling on the activity screen on the fitbit website. This is a known bug on the Fitbit API and will be fixed by Fitbit.

If you find problems or other things, please post add Github issues, or discuss in [this]( forum thread and I will try to fix the issues.

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