Status Rings
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Major 2.0 Update! Now Includes Weather!

(Not Compatible with Versa 4 or Sense 2)

Choose between Analog or Digital! Make it your own with different color options!


- Weather (New!)*

- Heart rate**

- Progress bars for three of your chosen goals**

- Multipliers for when you crush your daily goals!

- Fully customizable

- Change the color of EVERYTHING!


This customizable and colorful digital or analog watch face shows your progress towards your daily fitness goals with three rings around edge of the clock.The settings page on your mobile device lets you choose which goals you would like the rings to show as well as many other options. Each ring can show progress towards one of five goals: Active Minutes, Calories, Steps, Distance or Floors.


If you really like this face and think that it is worth something to you, please consider donating to it and the development of other watch faces via Paypal at the link below. I take pride in keeping all of the watch faces I make free to use in order to make your experience with them as seamless as possible. However, the fact that they are free does not mean that they are trivial to make, each one is worth weeks of design and programming work. If this resonates with you, the link to donate is below. Any amount is motivational.

*Requires location permission, if you don't want weather simply dont enable the location permission when you install the face.

**In order to show these metrics the watch face requires access to your user activity and heart rate sensors. This information is only used so it can be displayed on the face and is not stored in any way.


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