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This watch face is no longer supported by the developer, and will not receive any updates. While you can still use it, it may have issues or bugs.


Get your hourly dose of Pokémon right here!

About every hour, you will be shown one of 208 different entries, each one featuring a Pokémon. (151 Pokémon, 57 alternate forms. )

Tap on the screen to shift between the 2 info panels.

Panel 1:


-National Dex Number


-Smogon Tiers (tiering data was taken in August 2020 and will not be updated, and data was taken from gen 7 for those not in Sw/Sh)

-Special Form (if any)

Panel 2:

-Base Stat Points (0-255)

-A stat bar to represent each stat


This clock is an unofficial creation, and has no affiliation with Pokémon Company Intl. and its affiliates. This clock may be removed without warning.


Want to browse this list freely? Use DexLab - Gen 1! You'll be able to browse every entry used in this watch face.

You'll also be able to filter through the list to find the Pokémon you're looking for!


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