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An *unofficial* compilation of Data of Pokémon from the first generation of games, including alternate forms given to them in more recent times.


-A total of 208 entries, which includes 151 Pokémon and 57 alternate forms!

-An easy to navigate Filter System, which allows you to find Entries of Any category, be it Type, Tier, or form!

-Icons for each Pokémon!



-Typing (using handy icons!)

-Pokédex Number

-Competitive Tiering as of August 2020 (Things have changed since then, but I don't have the time to constantly update this...)

-Base Stat Totals

-A custom written piece of flavor text that adapts existing Dex entries!

-a small icon to represent each Pokémon


Update 1.3.1 (being reviewed)

-Changed layout on main list so that the images aren't blurry

-Changed Info tile to make the layout much cleaner and made the Pokémon's icon larger.

-Changed the way that files are stored so that the app wouldn't crash on startup (Using filters now takes a bit longer. )

-Fixed an issue that prevented some lore entries from being displayed


You can also find this as a watch face that will cycle through these entries every hour:

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