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An *unofficial* compilation of data of Pokémon from the first and second generations of games, including alternate forms given to them in more recent times.


- Over 300 entries, including alternate forms!

-An easy to navigate Filter System, which allows you to find Entries of Any category, be it Type, Tier, or form!

-Icons for each Pokémon!

- Icons provided by the Spriter's Resource, as well as the Gen 6, 7, and 8 Sprite Projects.



-Typing (using handy icons!)

-Pokédex Number

-Competitive Tiering as of May 2021 (Things have changed since then, but I don't have the time to constantly update this...)

-Base Stat Totals

-A custom written piece of flavor text that adapts existing Dex entries!

-a small icon to represent each Pokémon

-Height, weight



VERSION 2.0.0 - Next Gen Update

- Added the Second Generation of Pokémon to the App - over 100 new entries!

- You can now navigate in between generations using a new Panorama interface

- Changed UI for entry pages.

- You can now view the height, weight, and abilities for each entry,

- Fixed random entry function

- streamlined app structure to make navigation easier.

- removed evolution-based search filters.

- some spelling mistakes were found and fixed.


You can also find this as a watch face that will cycle through these entries every hour:

--Warning: This watch face is no longer supported and will not receive any updates. Any issues with the watch face will not be fixed.

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